Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ronny´s House

Still in Rurrenebaque, still sweating. We hit the road tomorrow for Brasil. Matt feels good. Thea and Ben and Harris spent the afternoon eating banana bread and watching Creation Science videos at Ronny´s house - you all know Ronny, right? He moved his family here from Florida after working as a horse jockey for a couple years in various south pacific nations and then organic farming in Santa Cruz.

We have been travelling for a while and so it has been great to have a chance to catch up on all the latest world developments. In case you are feeling a little out of the loop, let us clue you in to a few recent international developments: Dinosaurs co-existed with humans about 4000 years ago, all your federal income taxes go directly into the pockets of JP Morgan (or now his heirs, presumably), the US government infused radioactive uranium into tank armor during desert storm to purposefully irradiate Kuwait during Desert Storm, and evolution is a fairy tale for grown-ups. Surprise! Sorry to spoil your birthday party, Darwin.

Ronny has some very informative dvds. We have found the most enriching presentations to be those of Dr. Kent Hovind, a public intellectual whose quest to expose factual errors in science textbooks clearly demonstrates a deep commitment to the public good.

Ronny makes some pretty good cinnamon rolls too (lots of raisins). Actually, he doesn´t really make them (his daughters do), but he sells them on the street and is more than willing to give you the recipe. Yesterday we spent a couple hours helping him fix up an old mountain bike of his and drinking orange juice under the star fruit tree. It was very informative. We had been under the mistaken impression that The Da Vinci Code was a work of non-fiction and that Dan Brown, the most recent of the great Christian philosophers, was about to inherit the mantle of St. Augustine and become a Cardinal Bishop in Rome. We were so wrong! Apparently the whole thing is fiction and shouldn´t be used as a model for popular religion or even material for assessing the current state of the Catholic church. It must have been the heat that made us so confused.

Seriously Matt is feeling really good and tomorrow we are probably going to go swimming with about seventy pink amazon dolphins. Either that or ride bikes.


Anonymous lizzi said...

hi! i love you guys!

lots fishes and bugs!


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