Saturday, April 21, 2007

Last night we went to the opera. It was like a regular opera except instead of being inside the opera house it was outside and instead of paying 5000 dollars for seats we had to pay zero dollars. About three thousand people showed up and they all payed zero dollars too. I think someone made friends with an Amazonian financier. There were carnival floats and sopranos and a drum band and dancers in revealing outfits and a symphony and churros and about 8 megatron tvs projecting all the fun in minute detail. Then there were fireworks and I thought about the 4th of July back home.

Basically Manaus is a great city. Yesterday we went to a buffet lunch where they brought us meat and swords and then used another smaller sword, otherwise known as a knife, to cut off pieces of meat to strategically land on your plate. It was delicious. After that it was on to the ice cream buffet where you pay by the kilogram. Imagine that.


Anonymous Britt said...

Manaus is great. Many years ago in my reckless youth I spent some time in a very very bad but very very cheap hostel right off of the square where the opera house stands.

Here is an interesting fact: when they built the opera house, they cut down the wood for it from the forests around Manaus. Then they shipped it THOUSANDS of miles away to Europe to be carved and painted. Then they shipped it back across the Atlantic and up the river back to Manaus. Interessante, no?

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