Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Cotton Candy; Wry to Embarrassed

I am only, like, 35% embarrassed that I had embarrassed spelled wrong up here for so long. These shots (and the ones above) where taken at a female wrestling exhibition in El Alto that Claire, Thea and Ben attended a couple Sundays ago. It was at least six times more awesome than anything you can imagine. Many thanks to Uncle Lou for the tip - I´ve been trying to come up with a subtle intellectual framing for the event using the journal entries of Herndon but it is really too hot to think about anything besides Britney and cold sodas. My original idea came after reading a chapter of "Exploration of the Valley of the Amazon" in which Herndon describes cresting a ridge after a long hike and feeling disappointed that the view before him was not as spectacular as he had imagined it would be. I was nervous that I might experience similar emotions as I had been amping the group for months about how awesome the female wrestling in La Paz was going to be. Nothing could be further from the truth. While watching indigenous women in bowler hats and ruffled skirts perform WWF moves on each other (pausing only to kick the referee repeatedly in the crotch) may sound morally dubious, it was everything and more that a rising member of Generation Next could hope for. As Tim likes to say; Be Young, Have Fun, Drink Pepsi. And when you finish don´t forget to throw your bottle at the ref. It´s all part of the show.


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