Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Lost But Not Forgotten

once again it is time to update the blog and once again we feel outmatched by the tour de force that is powercrushing.blogspot.com. excellent use of the term "bangarang" in a recent post, although we would have liked a nuanced discussion of serifs in the font-themed update. some of us have very strong opinions as to whether or not there should be little marks coming off letters. we'll save that discussion for another blog update.

before we get to the heart of this post, we'd like to address the clamoring of our rather large fan base (by 'rather large' we really mean the six of you who read this...). many of you have requested that we put a map up on the blog so that our friends back home can chart our progress through south america. we believe this is an excellent idea and would love to have a finely detailed map of the continent with some sort of line charting our progress. you would be able to see the cities we go through, the distance we are making, the sites we are seeing; in short, it would be revolutionary. nevertheless, this is going to be one of those things that just won't pan out. we have no clue how to do such a thing. our high tech blog with beautiful, digital pictures actually belies an utter incompetence with most things technological. putting a map up would probably mean something with a pdf file (or would it be a jpeg file) and we wouldn't even know where to begin to even start drawing the line on this hypothetical map. we apologize.

to compensate for the lack of a map, we'll give a few good search words for those of you who would really like to track our progess. we are currently in coyhaique, a bustling metropolis compared to some of the "towns" that we've been passing through lately. it's been pretty bleak the past 800ish kilometers. you know that you've been going through some pretty remote country when you see the hostel owner from villa o'higgins (a town about 600km south of coyhaique) here in town with his truck stocking up on supplies before he makes the 10 hour journey back to the middle of nowhere. we're on the carretera austral in chile and if you google image search those words you'll get a pretty good sense of the scenery we've been blowing through. it's "highly recommendable" (as one of our many road friends likes to say) to check out some pictures. another great search would be for caleta tortel, this amazing little city that was mentioned briefly in the last post.

it's now time for the real meat of this post. the heart of this update is our final homage to albert, stage name ice-t (friends call him Cop Killa though), the beloved dog who literally ran behind us for 130 kilometers from caleta tortel to cochrane and emerged without the slightest limp. he's a lot tougher than us, that's for sure. as you can tell from the picture, ice is a beautiful specimen and, had he not been born to the mean streets of patagonia, we're fairly certain that this divine, purebred creature would be kicking butt at the westminster right now. instead, ice t is wandering the lonely streets of cochrane, hopefully making stray dog friends in his new home. as tempted as we were to buy/build some sort of contraption to carry ice all the way to venezuela and forge "papers" for him so that he could cross borders, we ultimately decided that having a fifth member of the trip (let alone a fifth member who couldn't carry panniers) was something that just wasn't going to prove sustainable. unfortunately, we had to ditch ice-t in cochrane by splitting up in different directions and biking like madmen the moment ice got distracted. it was quite sad but we could not dwell on the loss for we had to get the hell out of town before ice got a hold of our scent (and believe you me, we definitely have a scent going). as hard as it was to say goodbye, ice will forever live in our memories and we wish him the best of luck foraging for scraps of food and rummaging through garbage with his new friends in cochrane.

Ice-T, thank you and good luck.

finally, this blog update would not be complete without a HUGE, patagonian shout out to grandma mary jane who is hopefully reading this post on her new dell laptop. grandma, everybody (mostly me and ben too) misses you and hopes that you're holding down the fort in napa. everyone says hi and hopes that you are enjoying your new toy.

that's it. more updates to come. we're almost out of patagonia so hopefully future updates will deal with potentially hazardous cultural misunderstandings and bouts of food poisoning instead of monotonous scenes of pastoral beauty. we miss everyone and hope this note finds you well.

team cp

(We have a ton of pictures of Ice-t but right now the internet is outsmarting us. We'll put them up later, have no fear)


Blogger Haley said...

I check this a lot--mostly to set my fears at rest that bull hasn't killed one of you/you guys haven't abandoned harris yet. I come here for that, I stay for the awesome stories. I love you guys and think about you a lot! When you are dirty and exhausted, just be glad you're not dirty and exhausted from living at Green and studying too much. Be safe and keep having a crazy trip. Love you (yes even you harris, despite the beating you are getting when you get back for putting up the tigger picture)

9:38 PM  
Blogger sandy goodman said...

Harris and com
Glad to know that you are safe and sound. Yes, this is a mom's comment of course, that you can forward to Meg.
Also glad that you are travelling with a group.
My question--- Besides Ice T, what other animals/reptiles have you encountered? An iguana perhaps?
This is my first "official blogging post Us or global !"
sandy Goodman

9:06 AM  

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